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What Do We Do

Projects: Focused mainly on companies manufacturing Extruded Pet Food and Aqua Feed, we develop Projects for complete or partial plants.

Solutions: We offer consulting work and provide Solutions to improve the Efficiency and Quality of your Manufacturing Processes.

Representations: We only work with Associated Companies that can offer the Highest Quality of products and Services for our Customers.

Who do we work with?

High Technology Multinational Companies, which provide, together with us, the best solution to our customers' needs, prioritizing Quality, Performance, Service and After-Sales Assistance.
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Mission - Vision - Values

Clivio Solutions



To become the Company to which the manufacturers of Extruded Animal Feed go for a new Project or need to improve their Production Processes. Achieve long-term relationships with our Suppliers and Customers.


We will be Leaders by working together with our Associates and offering the most suitable, efficient and best Cost / Benefit Solution.


Work with Ethics, Honesty, Transparency, fulfilling the Commitments assumed in a Sustainable way.
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