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Weighing and dosing

Jesma is a Danish manufacturer that works with the design, development, production and sale of industrial scales and solutions for static, dynamic and continuous weighing. Weighing and dosing techniques are his specialty, with more than 100 years of experience, all equipment are designed and manufactured for reliability and ease of use.


Odor control

Aerox is a Dutch manufacturer of equipment for the control of odors generated during industrial processes. The company offers the Aerox – Injector®, equipment that has the capacity to eliminate up to 95% of bad odors, today it is recognized by governments and customers as "The best available technology" that exists in the market.


Reception of raw materials

Comav is an Italian company specialized in automatic or semi-automatic, reliable and very high quality depalletizers that save a lot of work during the process of receiving raw materials in bags or sacks. These are completely emptied into a cutting section that opens the bags and separates the product from the packaging material very efficiently. The empty containers go to a press and are wrapped, while the product passes through a sieve to be transported to the corresponding silos. It saves a lot of human work, making it more secure, automatic and efficient.


Tubular transport

Cablevey is a world leading American manufacturer of tubular drag conveyors. For 50 years, they have designed, developed and maintained these conveyors, which are food safe, efficient, flexible and available in a wide range of capacities and sizes.


Solids recovery systems

Sati is a Spanish company specializing in process engineering, among its equipment the SRS solids recovery system stands out. This equipment is designed to recover all the subproducts that are generated during the extrusion, screening, cooling and drying processes; in this way, the waste and reprocessing of products is avoided, therefore, time and production costs are saved.

Source Technology

Inline sampling & analysis

Source Technology from Denmark, specializes in the design, development and production of equipment for sampling and measurement of products parameters inline. When seeking to obtain a high quality, homogeneous and standard final product, parameters measurements of, for example, bulk density, temperature, moisture and water activity; during the process are critical.

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