Pet Food & Aqua Feed Industry - Ing. Diego Clivio - Managing Director

Who do we work with?


Clean air for your neighbors!

AEROX is a Dutch company supplying long-term total Odor Control Solutions for industries through the world. We help our customers reduce their emissions to comply with Industrial and Government Laws.

The Aerox®-Injector eliminates bad odors produced in Industrial Processes and is recognized by Governments and Companies in the sector as 'Best Available Technology'.

A reduction of odors of up to 95% and a unique technique to eliminate odors from humid air processes, have been an easy choice for multiple world market leaders.


Tubular drag conveyor systems

Cablevey Conveyors is a leading world - wide tubular drag conveyor manufacturer based in Oskaloosa , lowa . For almost 50 years , they have designed , engineered , and serviced enclosed cable and disc tube conveyors in over 65 countries. Cablevey mission is to be a Company dedicated to helping manufacturers move delicate materials through tube conveyor technology that's food - safe , highly - efficient , protects materials , requires low energy , is clean , fast and cost - effective . They think of themselves as simple , honest guys who do what they say they will do .

Making a conscious decision to improve sustainability - especially in a business environment - is totally reliant on the humans within each organization to decide and execute upon . Sustainability is a big concept - top of mind for many people within organizations evolving and progressing towards improved stewardship locally , regionally , and globally .



Excellence in Double Screw Extrusion Systems

Clextral is a French manufacturer of the highest quality twin screw extruders. The flexibility in terms of the amount of products that can be processed, micro-pellets, with high levels of fat are highlighted. Thanks to its twin screw technology, combined with years of experience and the use of highly durable materials, it makes it a very interesting option for Pet Food and Aqua Feed extrusion processes. The Tampa R&D Center in Florida, USA is available for product testing of its customers.


Precision weighing and dosing

Jesma is a Danish manufacturer who works with the design, development, production and sale of industrial scales and solutions for static, dynamic and continuous weighing. Weighing and dosing techniques are their specialty, all equipment is designed and manufactured to offer reliability and ease of use of the equipment.


Mixing, Grinding and Coating

Stolz is an important French Company that has a range of high-quality Mixing and Milling Solutions, as well as a line of Vacuum Coaters that is very notable for its cost-benefit ratio, and also other equipment for the feed industry.


Top Quality Automatic Packaging Machines

Cetec  is a world-leading French manufacturer of packaging lines for final packaging of Pet Food and Aqua Feed. Whatever the need for packaging, there is a proven and guaranteed CETEC solution.


Type Z Bucket Elevators

Nerak is a German manufacturer of vertical transport solutions, it stands out as a leader in quality and performance of Bucket Elevators, with horizontal and vertical sections at the customer's request. All the components of the conveyors are linked by the exceptional, main and only solution of the technique: The NERAK rubber block chain. These rubber block chains with steel cables as a means of traction are the basis of the special characteristics of the NERAK conveyor technique.

Sati Industrial

Solids Recovery Systems

SATI Industrial  is a Spanish company specialized in Process Engineering that also has solutions for the Aqua Feed and Pet Food Industry. It has the technology of manufacturing dry, semi-wet, wet products, snacks, grain free, fresh meat products, etc ... Among its products, the SRS system for recovering solids from the extrusion process stands out. With this system, all the solids generated in the extrusion process are recovered, avoiding their disposal and the costs of re-processing, by incorporating it into the conditioner in a controlled manner.



Comav is an Italian Company specialized on very High Quality and Reliable Depalletizers that save lot of work when automatically collect pallets, empty it completely on a cutting section that open the bags and very efficiently separate the product from the bagging material. Empty bags go to a press while product pass through a sifter to be transported to the Silos. It saves lot of human work, making it safer, more automatic and efficient.